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Why choose Alfie and how does it work?

Alfie makes it simple and affordable to connect with guests. A stylish and intuitive portal connects direct to the guest’s own smartphone. Connection any time, anywhere.

Do I pay comission on orders taken by Alfie?

No. Once Alfie is installed all the profits remain yours! This makes it easier to maintain margins on F&B, and control outgoing fees.

Does Alfie work in different hospitality environments?

Yes. Here is a list of venues that can benefit from using Alfie: Hotels; Villas; Guest Houses; B&Bs; Airbnb; Coffee Shops; Restaurants; Bars; Clubs; Stadiums.

Can you integrate with my EPOS, PMS, app, or website?

Yes of course, though in some cases, a development charge may occur. Please email for more details.

Is Alfie available worldwide?

Based in Sydney, Alfie is a global solution and we welcome enquiries from anywhere in the world!

Does Alfie offer multiple language options?

Yes. Just one of the many innovations offered by Alfie is its availability to communicate effectively with your customers. Alfie can translate menus and send orders to the kitchen or bar in any language, and even offers dynamic translation via our Live Chat feature.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, please click here to access your 30 day free trial.

How do I add/delete/edit menu items and daily specials?

Easy. Simply log in to your Alfie portal and use the intuitive steps to add or edit items in real time. You can even customise special items for promotion, or set up a happy hour special!

What are my customers' payment options?

Most guests will choose to have their items added to the room bill, to pay on check out. Day visitors can use a selection of vendors, including: Visa; Mastercard; American Express; Google Pay; Apple Pay; PayPal; AliPay; and WeChat Pay.

How can Alfie support the new food allergy laws?

Since 2014, food businesses must provide allergy information to customers who need to avoid certain ingredients due to food allergy or intolerance. The Alfie menu can be configured in such a way that your customers are provided with all the necessary allergy information and nutritional facts.

Do I have access to my customer data?

Yes. Alfie captures your customer data and you can use this at any time to create personalised marketing campaigns. Alfie does not give any of your customer data to third party companies.

How will my customers know Alfie is available in my establishment?

Alfie can provide customised marketing material letting your customers know that our service is available. Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social media also plays a vital role in capturing customer awareness and feedback.

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